Weekly MPP Report

Education has been the topic of the day at Queen’s Park this week.

The results of our survey on the Ontario curriculum came out last Friday – with over 72,000 submissions received! You can check out a summary of the changes here or the results here.

I want to thank every resident of Ottawa West – Nepean who participated in this consultation – particularly those who attended our Town Hall meeting in October.

I’m really excited to announce that your input has been heard loud and clear.

At our Town Hall, you asked for renewed focus on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) topics. You’ve been heard.

You asked for deeper integration of the skilled trades. You’ve been heard.

And you asked for mental health, body image, and consent to be added to the Health & Physical Education curriculum. You’ve been heard.

As your MPP, my job is to both represent you and to help bring your voice to Queen’s Park. We won’t always get everything we want. But today, we’ve seen what can happen when we engage. You are making a difference.

What do you think about the curriculum review results? What are you most pleased about? Contact our office at jeremy.roberts@pc.ola.org or 613-721-8075.