MPP Report

This week is the last sitting week of the legislature before the summer recess. I’m eagerly looking forward to spending the summer back in Ottawa. If you’re having an event this summer that you’d like to invite me to, please reach out to my team! I’d love to see as many of you as possible, even if it’s just for a backyard BBQ with neighbours.

Over the summer is often the time when families go on road trips – whether it’s to cottages, camping, beaches, or just to visit family. Keeping our roads safe is a key priority for our Government. That said, as a regular driver myself, there are a lot of pet-peeves that many of us share about poor driving habits on the road.

Two weeks ago, I announced that Ottawa has been chosen for a pilot project increasing the speed limit on the 417 to 110km/h. This is a huge pet-peeve for many drivers. Almost everyone these days is driving faster than the posted 100km/h. Moreover, 6 out of 7 of Ontario’s neighbouring jurisdictions have their speeds set at 110km/h (or 70m/h). This is a common sense pilot that will see drivers able to move at a more reasonable speed (which they’re doing already!).

We’ve also announced new measures to crack down on slow drivers in the left lane. How many times have you been driving on the 401 and found yourself trapped behind someone in the left lane who’s stuck on cruise control and blocking traffic? It is infuriating. Our new legislation will give police new enforcement powers to crack down on these irresponsible (and annoying!) drivers.

These are just two examples of pet peeves that many drivers have. The other day, I shared an article about another one: using the “zipper-merge” when the highway goes down to one lane. Evidently, Germany has legislation in place already. Perhaps Ontario should consider the same.

So my question this week is this: what driving pet-peeves do you have that frustrate your summer road trips? Do you have any ideas on how we can address these issues?