“What has been done to make my child’s school safe?”

The plan for reopening of schools is supported by the Chief Medical Officer of Health, all Medical Officers of Health, and the Children’s Health Coalition, because we all know how critical schools are to mental and physical health, social development, and the academic success of students. 

✅ Beginning the week of January 17, the Government will provide rapid antigen tests for symptomatic students & staff (3.9 million tests are being shipped this week, with 1.2 million following next week).

✅ As part of our $600 million investment in ventilation upgrades, the OCDSB & OCSB have received an additional 132 HEPA units since January 2022 to add to the 3282 HEPA units already in place as of September 2021. This is on top of the HVAC upgrades that have also been completed. 

✅ With written consent from parents, we will now be offering vaccinations in schools to students.

✅ We have shipped more than 9 million N95 masks to schools for all education staff (we are the only province to do so).

✅ We have shipped an additional 4 million three-ply cloth masks for students.

✅New screening and cohorting protocols implemented under the advice of the Chief Medical Officer of Health to keep kids and staff safe.

A full list of completed  upgrades for each school is available for the OCDSB and the OCSB