Action on Autism

Statement by MPP Jeremy Roberts on Ontario Autism Program Announcement

21 March, 2019 – For the past several weeks,I have been speaking with parents of children with autism from across the province. I have been listening to their concerns and bringing them back to Queen’s Park to my colleagues.

I am pleased with the announcement this morning. The Premier and Minister MacLeod have made the right decision in listening to families and stakeholders and agreeing to continue treatment for those children currently receiving therapy for 6 months while we return to the table to discuss how we can ensure that treatment is needs-based. Moreover, I am pleased that all children, regardless of household income, will continue to quality for provincial funding. I commend both Premier Ford and Minister MacLeod for their leadership.

I would also like to thank my friend Amy Fee for her ongoing advocacy. I am proud to sit in the Legislature with her.

As the other brother of an individual with autism, I understand the importance of giving children with autism access to clinically proven treatment options. By working together with our partners across the province, I am confident that we can have a program that will provide the best possible outcomes for our kids.

In the days ahead I look forward to working alongside my Government colleagues to engage with parents, stakeholders, and self-advocates to ensure that we can have a sustainable program that works for families.

Together, I know that we can build a program we can all be proud of.